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School Requirements

     All casual sittings must meet the requirements of school dress code.  Any photos not meeting dress code requirements can and will be rejected by the school.  This could be the difference between having the casual you love in the yearbook and having to settle for another shot, or possibly re-shooting your entire sitting.  Below are some specific requirements that must be met by these particular schools:

Miscellaneous School Information


Bolton: For the casuals, the one selected for the yearbook MUST BE IN DRESS CODE! No strapless or straps....no flesh showing on abs, no excessive cleavage, etc.


Briarcrest: Boys should be clean-shaven and hair not over ears or eyes


Cath: Boys...no facial hair or earrings (nose, face, etc.) No tattoos showing, no long shaggy hair. Girls…no spaghetti straps or revealing clothing for casual photo than goes into the yearbook. No tattoos showing and no facial piercings.


Collierville: The casual for the yearbook should have no bare shoulders, no spaghetti straps, no strapless dresses, no shirts without collars, and no risqué clothing.


FACS: Girls clothing should be modest. Cleavage showing in pictures is not acceptable.


Lausanne: Girls should wear round, white pearls only for their basic and single pearl stud only for earrings…no dangles.  NO LARGE PEARLS! Small to medium size only. They will be provided a black drape as well.  No tattoos showing for any reason!




For ALL schools that have a casual that goes in the yearbook, please make sure that there is NO excessive cleavage, tattoos, piercings, and any provocative clothing!