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Holland Studio is a professional photography studio that has been serving Memphis and the surrounding areas for over 35 years.

Everything you need to know about taking your senior portraits!


            It’s your senior year! Now you have the chance to make your senior photos the best photos you’ve ever taken and these memories will last a lifetime!

            As exciting as this time in your life is, you probably have many questions about how to make *your* photo special and unique. We’ve put together a “consultation guide” to help give you answers to those questions. It’s full of suggestions and tips to help you best prepare for your appointment.


·                “My appointment is at 1:00 p.m. When do I need to be at the studio?”

           *It’s best to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment time. So if your appointment is at 1:00, you would need to be at the studio by 12:45. Why?

            Several reasons. You will need time to check in, pay your sitting fee, and get settled into your private dressing room. What’s it like in Memphis in the summertime? HOT! Therefore, getting here early will give you some time to cool off and touch up hair and makeup before your session begins.

Girls, it’s best to arrive with hair and makeup already done, and only needing to do minor touch-ups. If you do need more time, though, then plan to arrive more than 15 minutes early and let our staff know so we can try to get you into a dressing room.


·       “What if I’m late?”

*Things happen – we get that! If you are late, it may be necessary reschedule part of your session. The later you are, the less time we will have in the studio.


·       “What backgrounds will be used for my photos?”

* The backgrounds, props, and poses are chosen based on your clothing style and personality! There are many options to choose from in each of our studios. We will use our talents and experience to create photographs that are unique to your personal style. However…if there is a certain background, prop, or pose that you would like to use, SPEAK UP! We want your input, too! Please feel free to let your photographer know if you have any special requests. We are always open to any ideas you may have. Just let your photographer know before the session starts.


·       “What to wear…what to wear…”

*This is probably the question we get asked the most often. Your clothing choices should reflect your own personal style and personality. You need to feel comfortable in what you choose to wear.

For the Basic Session and the Classic Session, we will provide everything you will need to wear. (There are a few exceptions to the Basic session. Please see “School Requirements for The Basic” for more information.)

For the Studio, Black & White, White On White, and Digital Creation…you wear one outfit of your choice. For the Environmental, you can wear 1 or 2 outfits. Which sessions you sign up for will determine how many outfits you will wear. However, we encourage you to bring more than you will need. Our photographers can help you decide what outfit(s) will look the best.

Below are some suggestions:

         - Be careful of large, bold patterns as they can detract from you!
          - Try to stay away from overly bright/neon colors.
          - Tight-fitting clothes are not necessarily the most flattering.
          - Clothing with sleeves work best.
          - For the Black & White Session: These are mostly taken from the waist-up. Wear tops that have sleeves, preferably long sleeves. Looser-fitting, flowy type shirts work well. Shirts with a stretchy fabric work better than stiff fabrics.